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Easy Rise Alarm Clock


Easy rise alarm clock gently takes you from a deep sleep to awake and alert every morning. A gentle combination of guided visualisation, stretching and breathing techniques, relaxing sound effects and inspiring music leaves you calm, refreshed and inspired for the day ahead.
Each meditation alarm is tailored to your personality making it as effective as possible
A soothing voice and peaceful sounds means you gradually wake up gently each morning.
Tranquil sound effects incorporated into the meditations enhance your visualisation and the effectiveness of the app.
Easy rise alarm clock can also be used as a night stand clock which gently changes into beautiful inspiring imagery when it is time to wake up.
Include your own music after the guided meditation to inspire you out of bed once you are fully awake. Choose more than one track and the shuffle feature means every morning is different.
Unlock affirmation packs to incorporate into your morning meditation. Choose from:
ConfidentInspired for Weight LossHappyAnxiety Free
Download Easy Rise Alarm Clock and enjoy an inspirational way of waking up.